Convention 2021

Convention 2021 info:

After lots of thought and debate, we’ve decided to postpone the Convention until 2022.

While many organizations have hosted virtual conventions and conferences, we felt that the strength of the ILMA conventions in the past has been the fantastic amount of relationship-building and personal connection that came from spending a few days together.

Whether it was a chance to speak one-on-one with elected officials, or to meet new suppliers in the trade show, or to simply make some new friendships with people in our sector, the convention succeeded because we could be together in-person.

Virtual events are a decent alternative for some types of meetings. But for what we want to achieve with our convention, a face-to-face experience is the only way to do it.

We hope you understand, and we hope that we get through this public health nightmare as quickly as possible, so that we can begin planning for our best convention ever in spring, 2022.

Thanks for your patience and understanding, and we continue to look forward to when we can all get together again.



Ken Kalesnikoff Dan Battistella

ILMA Board Chairman ILMA President

Why should you attend?

12 dynamic presentations; Trade show; Golf tournament; Wine tour; Opening night reception; All meals included

“I’ve been to dozens of conventions and conferences in my career, and I can tell you, the ILMA event was the best I’ve ever attended. If you care about a diverse economy in your community, you should be at ILMA 2020.”
                                                       -Cal Renwick, Councillor, City of Nelson

Just a few of the presentations...

  • Re-thinking skyscrapers: tall wood buildings
  • Octogenarian transformation: how a 4th generation family business stays nimble
  • Unintended consequences: roadblocks on the path to innovation & government disincentives
  • Interior Forest Sector Renewal Process: what's happening & why should it matter to all of us?
  • Waste isn’t waste anymore: R&D is driving change in every part of the forest industry
  • Unleashing your disruptive behaviour: Keynote presentation by Graham Sherman, founder, Toolshed Brewing Co.

Local businesses in a global industry

Whether you’re in the direct forest industry, or you’re part of broader supply-and-service chain, the business climate in B.C. is undergoing dramatic and rapid shifts.

Technology, globalization, outsourcing and more are shaking up business models that worked for decades. To survive and thrive in the coming years, all of us - mills, value-added producers, loggers, truckers, equipment suppliers, service providers and the rest - need to re-think how we operate.

Our conference this year will put a spotlight on innovation, creativity, entrepreneurship, and risk-and-reward. We’ve got a great line-up of speakers and presenters that will help challenge your thinking, and get you primed to drive your business into the next decade.

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