The Interior Lumber Manufacturers’ Association is the voice of local forestry companies working in British Columbia’s southern interior. As a central agency, we develop and communicate our position on forest policy issues of critical importance to our members.

Recent News

Combustible Wood Dust Hazard Education and Training Modules
The Combustible Wood Dust Hazard Education and Training modules are now fully available on the FIPI website – Module 1 and Module 2.

Wood Dust Mitigation and Control Audit (click to open)
Released June 21, 2013

Sawmill Wood Dust Sampling, Analysis and Explosibility (click to open)
A study examining fugitive wood dust accumulation, particle size, moisture content and explosibility through the use of samples collected from 18 sawmills across BC.

ILMA Stamp of Quality

The ILMA has a history of high quality wood products–a tradition that continues to this day. Lumber bearing the ILMA stamp was historically sought out by discriminating buyers from around the world. (details…)