The Interior Lumber Manufacturers’ Association is the voice of local forestry companies working in British Columbia’s southern interior. As a central agency, we develop and communicate our position on forest policy issues of critical importance to our members.

Recent News

BC Lumber Trade Council Economic Impact Study
The BC Lumber Trade Council has released it’s January 2015 Economic Impact Study.
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From Movie Sets to Dimensional Lumber: Creston Sawmills Create a Niche and Drive the Local Economy
The next time Michael Combs watches Johnny Depp leap from a table or bash another buccaneer with a chair during hand-to-hand combat, he could be forgiven for wondering, “was that one of ours?”…
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December 2014

Shuswap Lumber Manufacturers Looking For Stable Access to Wood
Products ranging from power poles to log homes depend on great locally-sourced wood, but access is getting tougher every year
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December 2014

ILMA Stamp of Quality

The ILMA has a history of high quality wood products–a tradition that continues to this day. Lumber bearing the ILMA stamp was historically sought out by discriminating buyers from around the world. (details…)


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